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Looking for Race in All the Wrong Places


  • Laura E. Gómez

  • This article was delivered as the presidential address at the annual meeting of the Law and Society Association, San Francisco, California, June 5, 2011, and, as such, it retains much of the tone and style of that occasion. I thank Rick Abel, Eileen Gauna, Margaret Montoya, Alfonso Morales, Osagie Obasogie, Liz Rapaport, Carroll Seron, as well as audiences at the University of Miami School of Law, the Graduate Program in Socio-Legal Studies at York University, and the University of Toronto's Centre for Criminology and Sociolegal Studies for helpful feedback on earlier drafts. I am grateful to Lissa Ganter for so faithfully keeping the records that allowed me to corroborate my memories about the association's institutional history. I have benefited enormously from conversations over many years with colleagues in critical race theory, LatCrit, and law and society circles, and I thank the organizers of those various forums. I thank the librarians and student assistants at the law libraries at the University of New Mexico School of Law and the UCLA School of Law. Please address correspondence to Laura E. Gómez, UCLA School of Law, 385 Charles E. Young Drive East, Los Angeles, CA 90095; e-mail: