Table 1: Descriptive Statistics, Independent Variables, 134 City Elections

Table 2: Descriptive Statistics, Dependent Variables, 134 City Elections

Table 3: OLS Estimates, DV = Changes in the Share of Spending on Fire, 134 City Elections

Table 4: Full List of City Elections

Figure 1: OLS Estimates, Effect of a Democratic Victory on Police Spending. Conditional on the inclusion of potential confounding variables.

Figure 2: OLS Estimates, Placebo Tests, DV = Covariates, IV = Democratic Victory

Figure 3: OLS Estimates, Comparisons with Ferriera and Gyourko (2009)'s data set. The dependent variable is the change in the three-year share of expenditures on the police. The models include only the percent Democratic, an indictor for a Democratic victory, and various functions of those variables.

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