Table SI-1: Descriptive Statistics

Table SI-2: Dependent Variable as Per Capita Income Growth

Table SI-3: Dependent Variable as % Change in Measles Immunization

Table SI-4: Alternative Specifications of Percent Change in Infant Mortality

Table SI-5: Health Aid

Table SI-6: Alternative Measures of Strategic Importance

Table SI-7: Measuring Strategic Importance with Bilateral vs. Multilateral Aid

Table SI-8: Alternative Specification of Resources

Table SI-9: Peace and Democracy Do Not Confound Aid's Influence on Postwar Development

Table SI-10: Additional Controls

Table SI-11: Fixed Effects

Table SI-12: Excluding Outliers

Table SI-13: Addressing Endogeneity with Two-Stage Least Squares

Table SI-14: Addressing Endogeneity with Limited Information Maximum Likelihood

Table SI-15: Sample Including All Developing Countries

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