1. Democracy and Political Freedom in the Muslim World

2. Indonesian Version

3. Survey Design

4. Treatment Balance

5. Subgroup Analysis for Gubernatorial and Legislative Candidates

6. The "Sharia Law" Cue

7. Government Priorities

8. Respondents' Views of Seven Large Indonesian Political Parties

Table 1: Political Regimes and Freedom in the Muslim World (Freedom House 2009)

Table 2: Total Number of Respondents, by Province and Urban-Rural Cleavage

Table 3: Treatment Groups and Binary Demographic Covariates

Table 4: Treatment Groups and Continuous Demographic Covariates

Table 5: Treatment Groups and Religious Behavior

Table 6: Treatment Groups and Political Attitudes

Table 7: Subgroup Variables

Table 8: What Should the Government's Three Main Priorities Be?

Figure 1: Subgroup Analysis, Legislative Candidates

Figure 2: Subgroup Analysis, Gubernatorial Candidates

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