Table App.1: Partisan Composition of FEMA Aid Applicants

Table App.2: Re-estimation of Table 1 Models Using Clustered Standard Errors: Effect of FEMA Application Approval on Voter Turnout Among FEMA Applicants

Table App.3: Effect of FEMA Aid Delivered One Week Before the November 2004 Election

Table App.4: Effect of FEMA Award Size on Voter Turnout Among FEMA Applicants

Table App.5: Alternative Specifications of Logged FEMA Aid Models

Table App.6: Effect of FEMA Responsiveness on Voter Turnout Among Applicants

Table App.7: Re-estimation of Table 5 Models Using Clustered Standard Errors WLS Regression: The Effect of FEMA Aid on Precinct-Level Bush Vote Share

Figure App.1: Distribution of FEMA Aid Across Individuals

Figure App.2: FEMA Aid Recipients for Hurricane Charley (FEMA Disaster #1539)

Figure App.3: Hurricane Wind Speeds Experienced by Democratic and Republican Voters

Figure App.4: The Awarding of FEMA Aid by Party, by Home Value Group, and by Hurricane Severity

Figure App.5: Efficacy of FEMA Application Process for Democratic and Republican Applicants

Figure App.6: Spatial Autocorrelation of Residuals from Table 1, Model 4 (Democratic Applicants)

Figure App.7: Spatial Autocorrelation of Residuals from Table 1, Model 5 (Republican Applicants)

Figure App.8: Effect of FEMA Aid on Bush Vote Share in Democratic and Republican Precincts

The Formal Model

Formal Model Proofs

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