• Section A: Examples of Salient Liberal Supreme Court Decisions in the Contemporary Era

• Section B: Question Wording from 2005 Annenberg Supreme Court Survey

• Section C: Addressing the Potential Concern of Endogeneity

○ Table C1: OLS Model Results for Legal Elites

○ Table C2: Ordered Probit Results Estimating the Model from Table 3 (in the Article) Using Only the “Do Away With the Court” Item as the Dependent Variable

○ Table C3: OLS Regression Results from Survey Experiment

• Section D: Awareness Interactions Analysis

○ Table D1: OLS Model Results with Awareness Interactions (Mass Public Sample)

○ Figure D1: Graph Illustrating Awareness Interactions

• Section E: Full Model Results for Testing Hypothesis 2

○ Table E1: OLS Model Testing the Impact of Ideology on Supreme Court Legitimacy, Conditional on Perceptions of the Supreme Court's Ideological Tenor (Hypothesis 2)

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