Table A1: Iraq War Survey Questions AND Participating Countries

• Press Coverage Content Analysis Data

○ Selection

Table A2: Iraq Data Summary

○ Variable Definitions

▪ Case Identifier Variables

○ Topic Variables

Coverage and Valence Variables

Table A3: Intercoder reliability, all variables

Table A4: Summary statistics for Iraq variables

• Content Analysis Robustness Check

Table A5

○ Sources

• Additional Robustness Tests

Table A6: OLS Analyses of Effects of News Valence, TV Access, and Expected Number of Parliamentary Parties on War

Table A7: OLS Robustness Tests of Troop Commitment Models Excluding Post-War Initiation Opinion Cases, U.S., and U.K. Cases

Figure Al: Expected public opposition and troop contributions to "Coalition of the Willing" as TV Access Increases from Minimum to Maximum Levels, High vs. Low ENPP

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