Exploring Structures and Institutions in City Government


  • James H. Svara

    1. Professor in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at North Carolina State University. His recent publications include Leadership at the Apex: Politicians and Administrators in Western Local Governments (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2002), coauthored with Poul Erik Mouritzen, and A Survey of America's City Councils: Two Decades of Continuity and Change (National League of Cities, 2003). He continues to examine political–administrative relations with increased attention to crossnational similarities and differences. E-mail: svara@ncsu.edu.
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James C. Clingermayer and Richard C. Feiock, Institutional Constraints and Policy Choice: An Exploration of Local Governance

H. George Frederickson, Gary A. Wood, and Curtis H. Wood, The Adapted City: Institutional Dynamics and Structural Change