A Response to “Building Administrative Capacity for the Age of Rapid Globalization: A Modest Prescription for the Twenty-First Century”


Anthony B. L. Cheung is President of the Hong Kong Institute of Education and Chair Professor of Public Administration, and also Director of the Centre for Governance and Citizenship at the Institute. He has published extensively on public administration, governance and Chinese politics and administration.
E-mail: ablcheung@ied.edu.hk


Professor Ali Farazmand's thought-provoking article advances the argument that the “administrative capacity to manage” governance and economic systems in the new age of “rapid change, hyper-complexity, and globalization” needs to be designed at both the macro and the micro levels. There is no doubt that traditional models of governance and public administration are no match for the challenges of the new chaotic environment, particularly in the aftermath of the outbreak of the global financial crisis that has largely discredited a world economic order founded on Anglo-American financial capitalism. Building administrative capacity worldwide is an imperative of our time.