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Local Economic Development in China and the United States: Strategies and Issues


Kuotsai Tom Liou is a professor of public administration at the University of Central Florida. He has published five books and more than 60 referenced journal articles and book chapters in the areas of organizational behavior and reform, governance and economic development, public budgeting and finance. Dr. Liou received the 2008 Boorsma Award from the Southeastern Conference for Public Administration for his efforts to enhance excellence in public administration theory and practices through exchanges among academicians and practitioners from different countries.


Globalization stimulates local governments in China and the United States to step up their economic development efforts. What strategies are successful and why? Does industry cluster development lead to higher per capita income? What government infrastructure and incentives stimulate and nurture businesses? This article examines local economic development in China and the United States, comparing strategies and outlining challenging issues. Kuotsai Tom Liou of the University of Central Florida finds that local governments must play the leading role in sustainable development, as a partnership approach promotes collaboration among communities, industries, and other government entities. Policy implications and theoretical issues aimed to promote further comparative studies are presented.