A Comparison of China's State-Owned Enterprises and Their Counterparts in the United States: Performance and Regulatory Policy


Yunhua Liu is an associate professor in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) and a senior research fellow at the China Research Center for Public Policy, China National Council for Development and Reform. His research interests include the Chinese economy, urban economics, and trade in East Asia.


The stability of the Chinese economy during the recent world economic crisis has attracted global attention. This essay examines the role of state-owned enterprises in China’s continued successful economic expansion. By comparing these enterprises’ performance with contemporary regulatory policies governing their American counterparts, the author, Yunhua Liu of Nanyang Technological University, finds that China’s strategy trumps that of the United States and concludes that in a transitional, developing economy, the existence of state-owned enterprises offers an adaptive, efficacious strategy.