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Governing Technological Entrepreneurship in China and the West


Junbo Yu is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Regional Research Institute at West Virginia University. Since receiving his doctorate from Tsinghua University, he has been conducting research in entrepreneurship and innovation policy in the United States and at Free University, Amsterdam.

Roger R. Stough is a professor of public policy at George Mason University. His research focuses on regional development modeling, entrepreneurship, and innovation policy.

Peter Nijkamp is a professor in regional economics and economic geogra-phy at Free University, Amsterdam. He also advises the government of the Netherlands and the European Commission on science and technology and regional economic development policy.


What is the real driver of China’s technological entrepreneurship? Are the United States’ science parks the most efficient model for achieving a successful government policy regarding high-technology research, development, and commercialization? This essay sheds light on the important role that central governments play and highlights limitations within each system. It also looks to the future, considering the newly evolving governance model for China’s innovation strategy.