The State of the State: Comparing Governance in China and the United States


Yongfei Zhao is a doctoral student in the Graduate School of Public and Interna-tional Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh. He is also an assistant researcher at the Center for Research of Labor Economics and Public Policy at Zhejiang University, China. His research interests include Chinese public administration, governance, education, and social and cultural studies.

B. Guy Peters is the Maurice Falk Professor of American Government in the Political Science Department at University of Pittsburgh and Distinguished Professor of Comparative Governance at Zeppelin University. He teaches comparative policy and administration. He has published extensively on comparative public administration and public policy.


How do two world powers with starkly different governing systems share common accountability problems, and why? Does the cycle of administrative reform produce additional need for reforms that come full circle, eventually exacerbating problems without solution? Yongfei Zhao and B. Guy Peters of the University of Pittsburgh examine governance in the United States and China and point out that conflicts in government functions unique to each country result in strikingly similar accountability issues.