Advancing E-Governance: Comparing Taiwan and the United States


Yu-Che Chen is an assistant professor of e-government and public management in the Division of Public Administration at Northern Illinois University. His research interests include development and management of e-government, interlocal collaboration, and IT-enabled interorganizational collaboration. His work has been published or is forthcoming in scholarly journals such as Public Administration Review, American Review of Public Administration, Public Performance and Management Review, and Social Science Computer Review.

Jun-Yi Hsieh is an assistant professor in the Department of Social and Public Affairs at the Taipei Municipal University of Education, Republic of China (Taiwan). His research interests include performance management, management innovation, local governance, public human resource management, and policy analysis.


Can e-governance fulfill the ideal of citizen-centric government around the world? This comparative study examines Taiwan and the United States and offers PAR readers relevant management and policy lessons. The research utilizes a framework that captures the institutional, organizational, and technological drivers of e-governance performance. The results indicate that the United States and Taiwan excel in different areas, but could improve in others and thereby learn from each other.