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Assembling E-Government Research Designs: A Transdisciplinary View and Interactive Approach


Catherine A. Hardy is a senior lecturer in the Business School at the University of Sydney. Her research is directed toward assisting organizations in the development of an information capability. Drawing from the fi elds of information policy, IT governance, risk, and assurance, her research interests focus on the complex interplay between ICT innovation, organizational change, and regulation. Recent projects have applied this work in e-government and critical infrastructure organizations. She also has a strong commitment to refl exive and casebased methodologies.

Susan P. Williams is currently a professor in the Institute for Information Systems Research at the University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany, and visiting professor at the Centre for Applied Information and Communication Technology (CAICT) at Copenhagen Business School. Her research uses theories of socio-technical change and practice to investigate enterprise information management and to understand the ways in which organizations achieve an information capability.


There is a growing recognition in the field of e-government that improving the quality and impact of research requires taking into account their complex contexts and drawing on more interdisciplinary and collaborative research. Limited attention so far has been directed toward the conduct of such research, particularly in contract-based research arrangements for developing e-government policy. A four-nation study of public e-procurement policy is used here to make transparent the process of designing and conducting transdisciplinary and interactive research. Further sharing of research designs and accounts is needed to advance theory, policy, and practice, and to develop a history of ideas in the e-government research field.