E-Participation, Transparency, and Trust in Local Government


  • Soonhee Kim is professor in the Department of Public Administration and International Affairs in the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University. She is coeditor of The Future of Public Administration Around the World: The Minnowbrook Perspective (Georgetown University Press, 2010) and Public Sector Human Resource Management (Sage, 2012). E-mail: shkim07@maxwell.syr.edu

  • Jooho Lee is assistant professor in the School of Public Administration, University of Nebraska at Omaha. His research interests include e-government/e-participation, information technology management in the public sector, public organization theory, social and organizational networks, and human resource management. E-mail: jooholee@unomaha.edu


This article examines the relationship between electronic participation (e-participation) and trust in local government by focusing on five dimensions of the e-participationprocess: (1) satisfaction with e-participation applications, (2) satisfaction with government responsiveness to e-participants, (3) e-participants’ development through the participation, (4) perceived influence on decision making, and (5) assessment of government transparency. Using data from the 2009 E-Participation Survey in Seoul Metropolitan Government, this article finds that e-participants’ satisfaction with e-participation applications is directly associated with their development and their assessment of government transparency. The findings reveal that e-participants’ satisfaction with government responsiveness is positively associated with their perceptions of influencing government decision making. Furthermore, there is a positive association between e-participants’ perception of influencing government decision making and their assessment of government transparency. Finally, the article finds that there is a positive association between e-participants’ assessment of government transparency and their trust in the local government providing the e-participation program.