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Estimating the Effect of Tobacco Contributions on Legislative Behavior Using Panel Data


  • *Direct correspondence to Daniel E. Bergan, 468 Communication Arts Bldg., Department of Communication, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824 〈〉. The author will share all data and coding information with those wishing to replicate the results.


Objective. This article uses a data set of California State legislators to determine the effect of tobacco contributions on legislative behavior.

Methods. Although many previous studies have analyzed the effect of campaign contributions on legislative behavior, this study makes a number of improvements to previous studies, including the use of panel data and improved instruments.

Results. I find that contrary to prior research on tobacco industry contributions, campaign contributions from the tobacco industry do not influence legislative support for the tobacco industry.

Conclusion. This suggests that the tobacco industry is not an exception to the literature on the influence of campaign contributions, which has shown that campaign contributions generally do not influence legislative voting and other behavior.