¿Compañero o Extranjero? Anti-Immigrant Nativism among Latino Americans*


  • All data and coding materials are available from the author at the contact information presented here. The author would like to thank Rene Rocha, several anonymous reviewers, and panel members at the 2010 MPSA conference in Chicago for their helpful feedback and suggestions on earlier versions of this manuscript.

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This study develops and tests a model of anti-immigrant nativism among Latino Americans in the United States.


Several variables unique to Latinos (e.g. ancestral country of origin, panethnicity, and American assimilation) are incorporated into a model of Latino-American anti-immigrant nativism.


In brief, Latino nativism is driven largely by American cultural assimilation and geographic proximity to other Latino Americans.


These results suggest that as the Latino-American population in the United States continues to grow and assimilate, the pro-immigrant bias of the Latino population will decline and perhaps eventually disappear altogether.