Minority Policies and Political Participation Among Latinos: Exploring Latinos’ Response to Substantive Representation*


  • Hoi Ok Jeong

    Corresponding author
    1. Institute of General Education, Dongguk University
    • Direct all correspondence to Hoi Ok Jeong, Visiting Professor, Institute of General Education, Dongguk University, Seoul, South Korea <hoiokj@gmail.com, hoiokj@hotmail.com>. Author Hoi OK Jeong will share all data and coding for replication purposes.

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This study examines the impact of substantive representation—measured by pro-minority policies enacted in the United States—on political participation among Latinos.


To deal with the reverse causality that might flow from political participation to substantive representation, this study employs instrument variable regression analysis.


The results of the analysis show that Latinos in states with many pro-minority policies are more likely to take part in politics.


The previous studies on empowerment have mainly focused on descriptive representation as the source of empowerment, ignoring another dimension of minority representation—substantive representation. This study attempts to add to this literature by considering the effect of substantive representation on empowerment. The results indicate that Latinos respond to substantive representation in a positive way.