Book reviewed in this article:

The Structure of American Industry. Edited by Walter Adams.

Inflation in the United States, 1940–1948. By Lester V. Chandler.

The Impact of Government on Real Estate Finance in the United States. By Miles T. Colean.

Managerial Economics. By Joel Dean.

Beckoning Frontiers. By Marriner S. Eccles.

The Corporation Income Tax. By Richard Goode.

Economics of Investment. By Jacob O. Kamm.

Public Finance. By M. Slade Kendrick.

The Dollar Shortage. By Charles P. Kindleberger.

The Theory of Investment of the Firm. By Friedrich and Vera Lutz.

Money, Trade, and Economic Growth.

Survey of United States International Finance, 1949. By Gardner Patterson.

Survey of United States International Finance, 1950. By Gardner Patterson and Jack N. Behrman.