Book reviewed in this article:

Essays on Business Finance. By Merwin H. Waterman and Wilford J. Eiteman

Modern Corporation Finance. By W. H. Husband and J. C. Dockeray

Investment Analysis. By John H. Prime.

Investments. By David F. Jordan and Herbert E. Dougall

Investment Advice for Professional Men. Howard A. Bolton and Wilford J. Eiteman

Financial History of the United States. By Paul Studenski and Herman E. Krooss

Central Banking in Undeveloped Money Markets. By S. N. Sen

The Management of Bank Funds. By Roland I. Robinson

Business Forecasting. By Frank D. Newbury

Defense, Controls, and Inflation. Edited by Aaron Director.

Financial Institutions. By Erwin W. Boehmler (editor), Roland I. Robinson, Frank H. Gane, and Loring C. Farwell

Lloyd's. By C. E. Golding and D. King-Page.

Taxation and Business Concentration: A Symposium. Edited by A. D. H. Kaplan

Financing Defense. By Albert G. Hart and E. Cary Brown

The Control of Public Expenditure. By Basil Chubb

Successful Tax Practice. By Hugh C. Bickford

The International Economy. By P. T. Ellsworth

Commercial Bank Activities in Urban Mortgage Financing. By Carl F. Behrens