Book reviewed in this article:

The Volume of Corporate Bond Financing since 1900. By W. Braddock Hickman

Case Problems in Finance. By Pearson Hunt and Charles M. Williams

Business Organization and Combination. By Richard Norman Owens

Financial Management for the Small Businessman. By L. A. Tungate.

The Role of the Sales Finance Companies in the American Economy. By Clyde William Phelps

Investment of Life Insurance Funds. Edited by David McCahan

Die Systeme der Exportrisikogarantie in Deutschland, Grossbritannien, Belgien, Frankreich, den Niederlanden, der Schweiz und Schweden. By Werner Lichey

The Taxation of Corporate Surplus Accumulations. By James K. Hall

International Monetary Co-operation 1945–52. By Brian Tew.

Money, Debt, and Economic Activity. By Albert Gailord Hart

State Supervision of Municipal Finance. By T. E. McMillan, Jr

Taxation and Incentive. By Lady Rhys-Williams

The Limits of Taxable Capacity: A Symposium. By the Tax Institute