Book reviewed in this article:

Business Finance: SEC Accounting Practice and Procedure. By Louis H. Rappaport.

Financial Policies of Business Enterprise. By W. Bayard Taylor with the collaboration of Frank M. Graner.

Consumer Finance: Personal Finance. By Elvin F. Donaldson.

Insurance: Insurance and Economic Theory. By Irving Pfeffer.

International Finance: Sterling-Dollar Diplomacy: Anglo-American Collaboration in the Reconstruction of Multilateral Trade. By Richard N. Gardner.

Latin America: Development Programming and United States Investments. By Clement G. Motten, Virgil Salera, Richard L. Davies, and H. W. Balgooyen.

Monetary Policy in Continental Western Europe, 1944–1952. By Stephen F. Sherwin.

Investments: The Pattern of Financial Asset Ownership: Wisconsin Individuals, 1949. By Thomas R. Atkinson.

The History of Savings and Loan Associations of Wisconsin. By Robert C. Earnest.

Money and Banking: The Bank and Its Publics: Philosophy and Technique of Bank Public Relations. By Robert Lindquist.

Management Policies in American Banks: A Study Based on a Survey of the Federal and State Supervisory Agencies. By Homer J. Livingston.

Public Finance: Treasury Control: The Co-ordination of Financial and Economic Policy in Great Britain. By Samuel H. Beer.

Discharging Business Tax Liabilities. By Horace J. DePodwin.

Real Estate Finance: Mortgage Lending: Fundamentals and Practices. By Willis R. Bryant.

The Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund. By Ernest M. Fisher and Chester Rapkin.

Institutional Residential Mortgage Lending in Los Angeles County, 1946–51. By James Gillies and Clayton Curtis.