Book reviewed in this article:

Corporation Finance: Principles and Problems. By S. C. Kuchhal.

Common Stock Financing. By Harold W. Stevenson.

Cash Outlays and Economic Costs of Homeownership. By Fred E. Case.

Revolving Credit. By Robert H. Cole.

Voluntary Health Insurance in Two Cities. By Odin W. Anderson.

Lloyd's of London: A Study in Individualism. By D. E. W. Gibb.

Consumer Credit Insurance. By Daniel P. Kedzie.

Non-Group Enrollment for Health Insurance: A Study of Administrative Approaches of Blue Cross Plans. By Sol. Levine, O. W. Anderson, and G. Gordon.

Multiple-Line Insurance. By G. F. Michelbacher.

International Economics. By Roy F. Harrod.

International Finance. By Charles N. Henning.

Investor's Progress: From Money Box to Stocks and Shares. By A. G. Ellinger.

The Over-the-Counter Securities Market. By Irwin Friend, G. W. Hoffman, and W. J. Winn.

Foreign Central Banking: The Instruments of Monetary Policy. By Peter G. Fousek.

Business Looks at Banks. By George Katona, with the collaboration of Albert Lauterbach and Stanley Steinkamp.

The Scholastic Analysis of Usury. By John T. Noonan, Jr.

A History of the Dollar. By Arthur Nussbaum.

Die Deutsche Bundesbank. By Joachim von Spindler, W. Becker, and O. Starke.

Changes in Monetary Policy and Their Consequences. By Otto Veit, with the assistance of O. Peters, B. Stadermann, and H. Boedler.

Sales Taxation. By JOHN F. DUE. Urbana, Ill.

The Royal General Farms in Eighteenth-Century France. By George T. Matthews.

Toward Responsible Government: An Economic Appraisal of Federal Investment in Water Resource Programs. By Edward F. Renshaw.