Book reviewed in this article:

Business Finance: Analysis for Financial Decisions. By William Beranek.

Financial Institutions, Their Role in the American Economy. By Gilbert W. Cooke, Charles L. Prather, Frederick E. Case, and Douglas H. Bellemore.

Competition in the Synthetic Rubber Industry. By Charles F. Phillips, Jr.

Investment Decisions in Small Business. By Martin B. Solomon, Jr.

A Critical Study of Accounting For Business Combinations. By Arthur R. Wyatt.

Consumer Finance: The Poor Pay More. By David Caplovitz.

1962 Survey of Consumer Finances. By George Katona, Charles A. Lininger and Richard F. Kosobud.

Personal Finance. By E. Bryant Phillips and Sylvia Lane.

International Finance: Reserve-Asset Preferences of Central Banks and Stability of the Gold-Exchange Standard. By Peter B. Kenen.

Non-Merchandise Transactions Between Canada and the United States. By John W. Popkin.

The International Economy. By John P. Young.

Investments: A History of Interest Rates. By Sidney Homer.

SEC Accounting Practice and Procedure. By Louis Rappaport, C.P.A. 2nd edition.

Money and Banking: The Federal Reserve and the Treasury. By Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the United States Treasury Department.

Money, Prices, and Policy. By Walter W. Haines.

Monetary Policy and the Financial System. By Paul M. Horvitz.

Money and Banking—Analysis and Policy. By Charles R. Whittlesey, Arthur M. Freedman, and Edward S. Herman.

Monetary Control. By Elmer Wood.

Toward a Monetary Constitution. Edited by Leland B. Yeager.

Public Finance: Tax Policy on United States Investment in Latin America. A Symposium. Tax Institute of America.

National Income—Its Measurement, Determination, and Relation to Public Policy. By Sam Rosen.

Public Finance and Budgetary Policy. By Alan Williams.

Real Estate Finance: Investment Time Scheduling in Urban Reconstruction. By Leland S. Burns.

Real Estate Appraisal and Investment. By Sanders A. Kahn, Frederick E. Case and Alfred Schimmel.