Book reviewed in this article:

Aggregate Theory and Policy Economics on a New Frontier. By E. Ray Canterbery.

Financial Policies in Transition: A Critique of Selected Issues, 1967. Edited by Thomas O. Depperschmidt.

Forecasting and Recognizing Business Cycle Turning Points. By Rendigs Fels and C. Elton Hinshaw.

The Demand for Money. By William J. Frazer, Jr.

Public Policies and Private Investments. By John F. Helliwell.

Macroeconomic Readings. Edited by John Lindauer.

Monetary Policy in the United States. By Thomas Mayer.

Prices: Issues in Theory, Practice, and Public Policy. Edited by Almarin Phillips and Oliver E. Williamson.

Business Finance and Investments Accounting for Extraordinary Gains and Losses. By Leopold A. Bernstein.

Investment and the Return to Equity Capital in the South African Gold Mining Industry, 1887–1965: An International Comparison. By S. Herbert Frankel.

Dividend Policy and Enterprise Evaluation. By James E. Walter.

Theory of Business Finance—Advanced Readings. Edited by J. Fred Weston and Donald H. Woods.

Financial Institutions. By Raymond W. Goldsmith.

Capital Markets and Institutions. By Herbert E. Dougall.

Nine Leading Stock Exchanges. By Wilford J. and Sylvia C. Eiteman.

The Regulation of Deposit Interest Rates. By Charles F. Haywood and Charles M. Linke.

The Theory and Practice of Nonpar Banking. By Paul F. Jessup.

The Impact of Computers on Banking. By James A. O'Brien.

Prospects for the Savings and Loan Industry to 1975. By Edward E. Williams, Jr.

International Finance Foreign Exchange Crises. By Paul Einzig.

Imports of Manufactures from Less Developed Countries. By Hal B. Lary.

An Econometric Model of Canada Under Fluctuating Exchange Rates. By Lawrence H. Officer.

Public Finance The Demand and Supply of Public Goods. By James Buchanan.

Financing Latin American Housing. By Sean M. Elliott.

Federal Programs for the Development of Human Resources, A Compendium of Papers (2 volumes). Joint Economic Committee, Congress of the United States.

Financial Institutions and Markets Costs in Commercial Banking: A Quantitative Analysis of Bank Behavior and Its Relation to Bank Regulation. By Frederick W. Bell and Neil B. Murphy.