• Edward D. Irons

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    • Formerly Professor and Chairman of the Department of Business Administration, Howard University, Washington, D.C. Currently Executive Director of the National Bankers Association, an association of minority controlled banks. As Executive Director, the writer conceptualized, organized and directs a Technical Assistance Program for this organization.

      The writer clearly recognizes the obvious potential bias indicated from the above relationship, he, therefore, has made every effort to separate objective analysis from subjective views. Only the reader can determine the extent to which he has been successful in accomplishing this feat.

      The writer would like to express his appreciation to a number of persons and organizations, without whose assistance, this paper would not have been possible. Dr. Paul Horvitz, Director of Research, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation provided unpublished information that served as a basis for much of the analysis. Dr. David Motter, Associate Comptroller for Economics in the office of the Comptroller of the Currency served as a valued critic of the paper. Miss Charlotte Hall, Research Assistant, National Bankers Association performed much of the background research. While the writer is grateful to all of the above persons, he accepts full responsibility for the analysis and conclusions set forth in this paper.