Book reviewed in this article:

Controlling Monetary Aggregates II: The Implementation.

Money, the Financial System, and the Economy. By George G. Kaufman.

An Introduction to Applied Macroeconomics. By Edwin Kuh and Richard L. Schmalensee

Econometric Studies of Macro and Monetary Relations. Edited by Alan A. Powell and Ross A. Williams.

Financial Decision Making. By R. L. Johnson.

Finance: Environment and Decisions. By George A. Christy and Peyton Foster Roden.

The Stock Market: Theories and Evidence. By James H. Lorie and Mary T. Hamilton.

The Capital Market in Israel. By Haim Ben-Shahar, Saul Bronfeld and Alexander Cukierman.

The Economic Implications of an Electronic Monetary Transfer System. By Mark J. Flannery and Dwight M. Jaffee.

World Trade and Payments. By Richard E. Caves and Ronald W. Jones.

The Valuation of Nationalized Property in International Law, Volume II. Edited by Richard B. Lillich.

Money and Capital in Economic Development. By Ronald McKinnon

Financing Modern Government: The Political Economy of the Public Sector. By William H. Anderson

Government Finance: Economics of the Public Sector, 5th Edition. By John F. Due and Ann F. Friedlander

Benefit Cost Analysis. 1971. Edited by A. C. Harberger

The Budget's New Clothes. By Leonard Merewitz and Stephen H. Sosnick