Book reviewed in this article:

Portfolio Aspects of Corporate Capital Budgeting. By E. Eugene Carter.

Company Finance and the Capital Market. By E. W. Davis and K. A. Yeomans.

Cash Management. By Richard Homonoff and David Wiley Mullins, Jr.

Financial Markets and the Economy. By Charles N. Henning, William Pigott and Robert Haney Scott.

National Monetary Policies and the International Financial System. Edited by Robert Z. Aliber.

Problems of Balance of Payments and Trade. Nasrollah S. Fatemi (editor).

International Trade and Development Theory. Ronald E. Findlay.

The Economics of Common Currencies. Harry G. Johnson and Alexander K. Swoboda

Monetary Aggregate and Monetary Policy. By Richard G. Davis et al.

Real Estate Finance by William R. Beaton.