Book Reviews


Book Reviews in this Article:

Managerial Finance: Principles and Practice. By STEVEN E. BOLTEN

Introduction to Financial Management. By MAURICE JOY

Essentials of Finance. By RAY G. JONES, JR. and DEAN DUDLEY

The Politics and Economics of European Monetary Integration. By LOUKAS TSOUKALIS

Eurocurrencies and the International Monetary System, Edited by CARL H. STEM, JOHN H. MAKIN, and DENNIS E. LOGUE

Pension Plans and Public Policy. By WILLIAM C. GREENOUGH and FRANCIS P. KING

The Pay Board's Progress: Wage Controls in Phase II. By ARNOLO R. WEBER and DANIEL J. B. MITCHELL

Essays in Public Economics, The Kiryat Anavim Papers, Edited by AGNAR SANDMO