Book Reviews


Book reviewed in this article:

Financial Statement Analysis. By GEORGE FOSTER. Englewood Cliffs

Problem and Failed Institutions in the Commerical Banking Industry. By JOSEPH F. SINKEY, JR.

The Dow Jones-Irwin Guide to Modern Portfolio Theory. By ROBERT HAGIN.

Forecasting: An Appraisal for Policy-Makers and Planners. By W. ASCHER.

The Basic Theory of Corporate Finance. By KENNETH J. BOUDREAUX AND HUGH W. LONG. Englewood Cliffs

The Investment Decisions of Firms. By STEPHEN J. NICKELL.

Financing Black Economic Development. By TIMOTHY BATES AND WILLIAM BRADFORD

Financial Management: An Introduction. By STEPHEN H. ARCHER, G. MARC CHOATE, AND GEORGE RACETTE.