Book Reviews


Book reviewed in this article:

Closed-End Investment Companies: Issues and Answers. By SETH C. ANDERSON and JEFFERY A. BORN. Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1992. Pp. ix + 139.

The Future of American Banking. By JAMES R. BARTH, R. DAN BRUMBAUGH, Jr., and ROBERT E. LITAN. Armonk, N.Y.: M.E. Sharpe, Inc., 1992 (Columbia University Seminar Series). Pp. xxiii + 207.

Bankrupt: Restoring the Health and Profitability of Our Banking System. By LOWELL L. BRYAN. New York: Harper Business, 1991. Pp. x + 314.

Principles of Finance with Corporate Applications. By DOUGLAS R. EMERY and JOHN D. FINNERTY. St. Paul: West Publishing, 1991. Pp. xxxii + 898.

The MIT Dictionary of Modern Economics. Edited by DAVID W. PEARCE. Cambridge, Mass.: The MIT Press, 1992. Pp. xii + 474.

Futures and Options: Theory and Applications. By HANS R. STOLL and ROBERT E. WHALEY. Cincinnati: Southwestern Publishing Co., 1993. Pp. xii + 419.