Previous research suggests that in order to excel in innovativeness, a firm should simultaneously be market oriented, proactive, and willing to take risks, as well as have access to superior technological assets and capabilities. However, the contribution of these factors on innovative outcomes has seldom been assessed in one study. This study investigates influences of market orientation, entrepreneurial orientation, and technological capabilities on technology ventures' innovativeness. Data for this study were collected through personal interviews in biotechnology startups in the United States, Finland, and Sweden. As expected, results indicate a significant link between technological capability and product innovativeness. However, neither market orientation nor entrepreneurial orientation is related to product innovativeness in this empirical context where firms typically aim at launching radical, disruptive innovations. The drivers of capital investments, however, are different from the antecedents of product innovativeness. Differences between the Nordic and U.S.-based biotechnology ventures are also identified.