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On Being Lutheran In A Religiously Plural World


  • Paul O. Ingram

    1. Paul O. Ingram is Professor Emeritus in Religious Studies at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington. He is author of Wrestling with the Ox: A Theology of Religious Experience (Continuum 1997) and Wrestling with God (Cascade 2006). His new book, Buddhist-Christian Dialogue in an Age of Science” is about to be published by Rowman and Littlefield.
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Abstract:  For those of us who are self-consciously Lutheran, the reality of contemporary religious pluralism engenders important theological questions. The thesis of this essay is that “being Lutheran” within the context of contemporary religious pluralism requires the creation of “Lutheran identity” that is pluralistic in structure, while simultaneously avoiding either theological exclusivism or theological inclusivism. The implications of this thesis are that (1) dialogue with the religious traditions of the world is of primary importance for thinking Lutherans, and (2) the church's witness and mission needs to be reconfigured in light of the practice of interreligious dialogue.