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Transsexualism: Some Theological and Ethical Perspectives


  • James M. Childs

    1. James M. Childs is the Edward C. Fendt Professor of Systematic Theology at Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus, Ohio and Former Director of ELCA Studies on Sexuality. His latest books are Ethics in the Community of Promise (Fortress Press, 2006, and The Way of Peace: Christian Life in the Face of Discord (Fortress Press 2008).
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Abstract:  The debates in church and theological circles regarding sexuality have been dominated by the subject of homosexuality. There has been far less theological discussion and ethical reflection regarding transgendered people and transsexualism in particular. This article introduces readers to some basic facts about transsexualism and to a selection of theological and ethical responses to this phenomenon with particular attention to how the notion of “disordered sexuality” is a factor in both the debate over the ethical status of transsexualism and homosexual unions.

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