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Understanding the Adoptive Family within the Context of Christian Hospitality


  • Gretchen Miller Wrobel

    1. Gretchen Miller Wrobel is Professor of Psychology at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota. She has published on issues concerning adoption-related information-seeking and adoptive family communication, and has been a presenter on those issues at national and international professional conferences. Her research interests include curiosity about adoption, birth and adoptive family connections, and communication about adoption in families. She is the recipient of the Bethel University Faculty Excellence Award in Scholarship and is past editor of the journal Adoption Quarterly. She received her doctorate from the University of Minnesota in the department of educational psychology and her bachelor's degree from Hamline University in psychology.
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Abstract:  Adoptive families can take many forms, yet there are similarities across adoptive family types that can be studied. Relevant research regarding the adoptive kinship network, openness and contact in adoption, family communication about adoption, adoption-related curiosity and information-seeking, and adoptive identity is reviewed. Christian hospitality is provided as a context within which adoptive families are formed and understood.