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Adoption as Spiritual Praxis in Individualized Times


  • Katarina Westerlund

    1. Katarina Westerlund is Assistant Professor in Systematic Theology and Worldview Studies at the Department of Theology at Uppsala University. Primarily her research has dealt with the shape and meaning of contemporary worldviews in Christian culture. Her research has focused on worldviews and Christian beliefs in relation to medical technology, children, and family.
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Abstract:  This article reflects on the motive of child adoption as a counterpart to postmodern individualization. In western culture, where ideals like freedom of choice and self-expression are almost self-evident, a theological interpretation of child adoption is presented that questions the very foundation of individualization. It is argued that adoption as spiritual praxis reminds us of our dependence on the wider community and on God. The perception of children, parents, family, and human acting are further modified by the use of the adoption motive.