The Influence of Top Management Team Heterogeneity on the Capital Raised through an Initial Public Offering


Monica Zimmerman Treichel, tel.: (215) 204-1692; fax: (215) 204-8029; e-mail:


A significant body of research exists on the top management teams (TMTs) of established firms and specifically on the heterogeneity of TMTs of established firms. Little research exists, however, on the heterogeneity of TMTs of firms in the early stages of their existence. In this study, I examine the relationship among TMT heterogeneity and the capital raised by the firm through its initial public offering (IPO). I argue that TMT heterogeneity provides a signal to potential investors about the quality of the IPO and hence is associated with greater capital accumulations. My findings suggest that heterogeneity in the TMT's functional background and educational background is associated with greater capital raised through an IPO.