Book Reviews


Book reviewed in this article:

A Question of Labour: Indentured Immigration into Trinidad and British Guiana, 1875–1917. By K. O. Laurence

Indentured Labor, Caribbean Sugar: Chinese and Indian Migrants to the British West Indies, 1838–1918. By Walton Look Lai

Plantation Workers: Resistance and Accommodation. Edited by Brij V. Lal, Doug Munro, and Edward D. Beechert

Mau Mau and Kenya: An Analysis of a Peasant Revolt. By Wunyabari O. Maloba

Torture and Modernity: Self, Society, and the State in Modern Iran. By Darius M. Rejali

Peasants, Traders, and Wives: Shona Women in the History of Zimbabwe, 1870–1939. By Elizabeth Schmidt

Pilgrims and Sultans: The Hajj under the Ottomans. By Suraiya Faroqhi

From Skisport to Skiing: One Hundred Years of An American Sport, 1840–1940. By E. John B. Allen

The South and the New Deal. By Roger Biles

The New Dealers: Power Politics in the Age of Roosevelt. By Jordan A. Schwarz

Radicals of the Worst Sort: Laboring Women in Lawrence, Massachusetts, 1860–1912. By Ardis Cameron

Evangelicals and Politics in Antebellum America. By Richard J. Carwardine

Redeeming America: Evangelicals and the Road to Civil War. By Curtis D. Johnson

Dangerous Passage: The Santa Fe Trail and the Mexican War. By William Y. Chalfant

“No Sorrow like Our Sorrow”: Northern Protestant Ministers and the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. By David B. Chesebrough

The Presidency of Andrew Jackson. By Donald B. Cole

Up From Communism. By John P. Diggins

Antisemitism in America. By Leonard Dinnerstein

Intervention! The United States and the Mexican Revolution, 1913–1917. By John S. D. Eisenhower

The Age of Federalism: The Early American Republic, 1788–1800. By Stanley Elkins and Eric McKitrick

In the Absence of Towns: Settlement and Country Trade in Southside Virginia, 1730–1800. By Charles J. Farmer

The North Fights the Civil War: The Home Front. By J. Matthew Gallman

Mexico and the Spanish Conquest. By Ross Hassig

The Nation and Its City: Politics, “Corruption,” and Progress in Washington, D.C., 1861–1902. By Alan Lessoff

The American Presidency: An Intellectual History. By Forrest McDonald

The People of Quito, 1690–1810: Change and Unrest in the Underclass. By Martin Minchom

Los Comanches: The Horse People, 1751–1845. By Stanley Noyes

A Woman of Valor: Clara Barton and the Civil War. By Stephen B. Oates

Race, Ethnicity, and Urbanization: Selected Essays. By Howard N. Rabinowitz

General Richard Montgomery and the American Revolution: From Redcoat to Rebel. By Hal T. Shelton

The Gospel of Disunion: Religion and Separatism in the Antebellum South. By Mitchell Snay

Conquest: Montezuma, Cortes, and the Fall of Old Mexico. By Hugh Thomas

The La Follettes of Wisconsin: Love and Politics in Progressive America. By Bernard A. Weisberger

Governor John Wentworth and the American Revolution: The English Connection. By Paul W. Wilderson

Eisenhower, Kennedy, and the United States of Europe. By Pascaline Winand

The Rise of Confucian Ritualism In Late Imperial China: Ethics, Classics and Lineage Discourse. By Kai-wing Chow

Indirect Rule in India: Residents and the Residency System, 1764–1858. By Michael H. Fisher

Dialogue and History: Constructing South India, 1785–1895. By Eugene F. Irschick

The Cold War on the Periphery: The United States, India, and Pakistan. By Robert J. McMahon

The Origins of the Tiandihui: The Chinese Triads in Legend and History. By Dian H. Murray

China, 1898–1912: The Xinzheng Revolution and Japan. By Douglas R. Reynolds

Chinese Roundabout: Essays in History and Culture. By Jonathan D. Spence

The Soil: A Portrait of Rural Life in Meiji Japan. By Nagatsuka Takashi

The Dragon, the Lion, and the Eagle: Chinese-British-American Relations, 1949–1958. By Qiang Zhai

In Europe's Name, Germany and the Divided Continent. By Timothy Garton Ash

The Later Roman Empire, AD 284–430. By Averil Cameron

Bisexuality in the Ancient World. By Eva Cantarella. Trans. by Cormac ó Cuilleanáin

The Rise of Russia and the Fall of the Soviet Empire. By John B. Dunlop

Spiritual Marriage: Sexual Abstinence in Medieval Wedlock. By Dyan Elliott

The Gilded Youth of Thermidor. By François Gendron. Translated by James Cookson

Church, State and Society, 1760–1850. By William Gibson

Constantine the Great: The Man and His Times. By M. Grant

The Weimar Republic. By Helmut Heiber

First Among Friends: George Fox and the Creation of Quakerism. By H. Larry Ingle

The Honourable Company: A History of the English East India Company. By John Keay

Arguing Revolution: The Intellectual Left In Postwar France. By Sunil Khilnani

Diplomacy. By Henry Kissinger

Politics, Censorship and the English Reformation. By David Loades

The Culture of Labourism: The East End Between the Wars. By John Marriott

Public Duty and Private Conscience in Seventeenth-Century England: Essays Presented to G. E. Aylmer. Edited by John Morrill, Paul Slack, and Daniel Woolf

The Insatiable Earl: A Life of John Montagu, Fourth Earl of Sandzvich, 1718–1792. By N. A. M. Rodger

‘We are but Women’: Women in Ireland's History. By Roger Sawyer

Mazzini. By Denis Mack Smith

The Naval Policy of Austria-Hungary, 1867–1918: Navalism, Industrial Development, and the Politics of Dualism. By Lawrence Sondhaus

Fathers & Sons in Athens: Ideology and Society in the Era of the Peloponnesian War. By Barry S. Strauss

Raglan: From the Peninsula to the Crimea. By John Sweetman

The Work of William Morris. By Paul Thompson

The New Regime: Transformation of the French Civic Order, 1789-1820s. By Isser Woloch

Hippeis: The Cavalry of Ancient Greece. By Leslie Worley

D-Day June 6, 1944: The Climactic Battle of World War II. By Stephen E. Ambrose

Women's Work The First 20,000 Years. By Elizabeth Wayland Barber

Emerging Feminism from the Revolution to World War. Edited by Geneviève Fraisse and Michelle Perrot

At All Costs! Stories of Impossible Victories. By Bryan Perrett

The Industrial Revolution in World History. By Peter N. Stearns

Taxation & Democracy: Swedish, British, and American Approaches to Financing the Modern State. By Sven Steinmo