• atrioventricular delay;
  • cardiac output;
  • transmitral flow

RONASZEKI, A., ET AL.: Effect of Short Atrioventricular Delay on Cardiac Output. Short atrioventricular (AV) delay modifies late diastolic filling dynamics. The effect of this change on cardiac output [CO) was studied in closed chest, AV blocked canine preparations (N: 10), during AV sequential pacing (80 bpm). CO (thermodilution technique) and transmitral flow velocity (TMFV, pulsed-wave Doppler) were measured and compared (paired t-test) on the basis of TMFV pattern, when atrial contraction (A wave) started just after early diastolic transmitral flow deceleration [PR:219 ± 25 ms, mean ± SD) and when A wave occurred at the end of late diastole and shortened due to the next ventricular contraction (PR: 56 ± 11 ms). The short AV delay resulted in 12.0 ± 5.9% decrease of CO, reflecting the interrupted late diastolic atrial transport. Properly timed atrial contraction is necessary for optimal AV sequential pacing.