• computerized system;
  • permanent pacemakers

BROFFONI, T., ET AL.: A New System for Follow-Up Patients with Permanent Pacemakers. The use of a new computerized system for coordinating technical and clinical data and especially for filing the parameters found during out-patient checkups enables us to rationally carry out follow-up of approximately 900 patients with pacemakers in our electrostimulation laboratory without wasting time or data. The system is composed of a personal Olivetti M240 computer, with a 20 Bbyte and 640 Kram hard disk, an analog-digital interface and a personalized data base for coordinating and filing the parameters found. The type of pacemaker implanted (monocameral, dual chamber or rate responsive) is of no consequence to the system that is based on the acquisition of the surface electrocardiogram. A comparison of the filed data on printouts or graphs allows us to note every type of misfunction or anomaly in the stimulation system in real time.