• atrial synchronous pacing;
  • single lead;
  • advanced heart block;
  • rate-matched AV interval;
  • cardiopulmonary exercise test

PERCOCO, G.F., ET AL.: A New Single Lead VDD Pacing System. In 24 patients with advanced heart block and normal sinus node function, a new single lead VDD pacing system was implanted. At implantation, the endoatrial, bipolar electrogram was recorded in all patients. The lead position was checked by means of chest X-ray. At discharge and after 1, 3, and 6 months, testing for myopotential inhibition, telemetric evaluation of the endoatrial potential, and Holter recordings were made. After discharge, 18 patients performed two cardiopulmonary exercise tests at two different rate-matched AV intervals. All investigations showed good AV synchrony and a lack of interferences by myopotentials. The maximum rate-matched AV interval provided a significantly improved exercise capacity, which was more evident in patients with signs of myocardial failure.