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Methods for Examination an Explanted Coronary Sinus Lead Stabilized with a Coronary Stent


  • Disclosure: This work was supported by grants from the National Development Agency of Hungary (TÁMOP-4.2.2–08/1/KMR-2008–0004 “Semmelweis Híd Projekt”) and Hungarian Research Fund (grant NKTH-OTKA K68792).

Address for reprints: Béla Merkely, Ph.D., Heart Center, Semmelweis University, H-1122 Budapest, Városmajor 68, Hungary. Fax: 36-1-458-6842; e-mail:


The aim of our investigation was to test the suitability of a novel method for the analysis of the integrity of an explanted pacemaker lead stabilized by a stent. A coronary sinus lead has been explanted 27 months after implantation and has been examined by optical-, confocal-, x-ray-, and scanning electron microscopy. Several surface injuries were found on the insulation. Based on the surface characteristics, it is possible to define and differentiate the source of damages as well as to measure the extent of injuries. Impedance of the explanted lead has also been measured and electronic integrity has been verified. (PACE 2013; 36:e27–e30)