• sudden cardiac death;
  • sudden death;
  • conduction system foldings in sudden death;
  • sudden death in the young

Conduction System in Sudden Death. This is a brief review of the findings in the conduction system in cases of sudden death victims who were living “normal” active lives. Twenty–two representative samples from more than 100 cases of sudden cardiac death, especially in young and asymptomatic individuals, revealed a plethora of findings that varied from normal to congenital and acquired changes, in most cases either at the gross or microscopic level, especially in the conduction system to a varying degree. Despite these changes, the individuals were living normal, symptom–free lives and were not clinically diagnosed to have lethal cardiac problems. This suggests that these individuals might have experienced lethal arrhythmias in the past, which might have been “silent” in nature. Innovative new methodologies must be developed to detect the silent lethal arrhythmic focus that may lead to sudden cardiac death.