Is Cardiac Surgery Justified in Patients in the Ninth Decade of Life?


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AbstractBackground: Due to aging of the population the upper-age limit for cardiac operations has constantly been extended. In the current era of health care reform the ability to provide appropriate care for geriatric patients at acceptable costs is a major individual and societal concern. The objective of this study was to evaluate the results of cardiac surgery in octogenarians regarding overall morbidity and mortality as well as to quality of life. Methods: Between February 1992 and August 1995,101 consecutive octogenarians underwent several types of cardiac operations. Operative procedures consisted of coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) in 45 patients, valve replacement or repair in 33 patients, and combined CABG and combined procedures in 19 patients. All surviving patients were mailed a questionnaire 3 to 62 months (22.1 ± 15.4 months) postoperatively concerning the postoperative course and quality of life (97.5% follow-up). Results: The early mortality was 15.5% in the CABG group, 3.0% in the valve group, and 21.7% in the combined procedure group; 5-year actuarial survival was 79.1% in the CABG group, 86.9% in the valve group, and 58.8% in the combined procedure group, respectively. The questionnaire sent to the survivors revealed that 81.0% of patients considered their functional status better or much better than before surgery. Of the survivors, 97.3% stated that according to their opinion the operation was worthwhile. Conclusion: Cardiac surgery is justified for carefully selected patients in the ninth decade of life. Although these patients are at increased risk of operative death and surgical complications compared with younger patients, the majority regain a life expectancy in the range of that of the global population. Furthermore, they are presented the chance to retain or maintain an independent lifestyle.