Surgical Management of Persistent Left Superior Vena Cava Associated with an Absent Right Superior Vena Cava


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Dr. Ke-Ye Liu, M.D., Department of Cardiac Surgery, Affiliated Hospital of HeBei University, No. 212, Yuhua East Road, Baoding 071000, Hebei, China. Fax: +863125981600; e-mail:


Abstract  A case of persistent left with absent right superior vena cava accompanied with atrial septal defect in a six-year-old girl is presented. This rare venous malformation was diagnosed incidentally during surgery when the pericardium was incised. An L-shape cannula was directly inserted into the left superior vena cava for cardiopulmonary bypass. The atrial septal defect was closed with a fresh autologous pericardial patch. The surgical management of this rare anomaly is the subject of this review. (J Card Surg 2012;27:117–118)