Book reviewed in this article:

The Soviet Wood-Processing Industry: A Linear Programming Analysis of the Role of Transportation Costs in Location and Flow Patterns, by BRENTON M. BARR

Cities of the Soviet Union, Studies in Their Functions, Size, Density, and Growth, by CHAUNCY D. HARRI

Economic Geography of the USSR, by A. LAVRISHCHEV (translated by DAVID MYSHNE)

Geography of the U.S.S.R. (2nd ed.), by PAUL E. LYDOLPH

Yakutia before Its Incorporation into the Russian State, by A. P. OKLADNIKOV (translated by Dr and Mrs STEPHEN P. DUNN and edited by HENRY N. MICHAEL)

Basic Industrial Resources of the U.S.S.R., by THEODORE SHABA.

Victorian Toronto, 1850 to 1900: Pattern and Process of Growth, by Peter G. Goheen

« l'électricité au Québec », par Alain Metton

Urban Water Supply Alternatives: Perception and Choice in the Grand Basin, Ontario, by Ian MACIver

Pioneer Settlement in Northeast Argentina, by Robert C. Eidt

Spatial Organization, by Ronald Abler, John Adams, and Peter Gould

Geoforum, Journal of Physical, Human and Regional Geosciences (Executive Editor: Wolf Tietze)