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Semiparametric Inference for Surrogate Endpoints with Bivariate Censored Data



Summary Considerable attention has been recently paid to the use of surrogate endpoints in clinical research. We deal with the situation where the two endpoints are both right censored. While proportional hazards analyses are typically used for this setting, their use leads to several complications. In this article, we propose the use of the accelerated failure time model for analysis of surrogate endpoints. Based on the model, we then describe estimation and inference procedures for several measures of surrogacy. A complication is that potentially both the independent and dependent variable are subject to censoring. We adapt the Theil–Sen estimator to this problem, develop the associated asymptotic results, and propose a novel resampling-based technique for calculating the variances of the proposed estimators. The finite-sample properties of the estimation methodology are assessed using simulation studies, and the proposed procedures are applied to data from an acute myelogenous leukemia clinical trial.