Joint Variable Selection for Fixed and Random Effects in Linear Mixed-Effects Models




Summary It is of great practical interest to simultaneously identify the important predictors that correspond to both the fixed and random effects components in a linear mixed-effects (LME) model. Typical approaches perform selection separately on each of the fixed and random effect components. However, changing the structure of one set of effects can lead to different choices of variables for the other set of effects. We propose simultaneous selection of the fixed and random factors in an LME model using a modified Cholesky decomposition. Our method is based on a penalized joint log likelihood with an adaptive penalty for the selection and estimation of both the fixed and random effects. It performs model selection by allowing fixed effects or standard deviations of random effects to be exactly zero. A constrained expectation–maximization algorithm is then used to obtain the final estimates. It is further shown that the proposed penalized estimator enjoys the Oracle property, in that, asymptotically it performs as well as if the true model was known beforehand. We demonstrate the performance of our method based on a simulation study and a real data example.