Bent Line Quantile Regression with Application to an Allometric Study of Land Mammals' Speed and Mass




Summary Quantile regression, which models the conditional quantiles of the response variable given covariates, usually assumes a linear model. However, this kind of linearity is often unrealistic in real life. One situation where linear quantile regression is not appropriate is when the response variable is piecewise linear but still continuous in covariates. To analyze such data, we propose a bent line quantile regression model. We derive its parameter estimates, prove that they are asymptotically valid given the existence of a change-point, and discuss several methods for testing the existence of a change-point in bent line quantile regression together with a power comparison by simulation. An example of land mammal maximal running speeds is given to illustrate an application of bent line quantile regression in which this model is theoretically justified and its parameters are of direct biological interests.